Items found on board the service provider's vehicles and in the facilities available to passengers - passenger lounges, bus stops - can be collected from the drivers, at the service provider's Customer Service Office and at the ticket and pass offices. Items found in the ticket and pass offices are handled by the service provider. 

To release found items, it is necessary to prove the ownership of the lost item by identify the time and place of loss, the characteristics and appearance (colour, size, branding, etc.) of the lost item. In case of doubt, it may also be necessary to determine other known identifiers known only to the owner. The release of the found item is subject to the presentation of a document proving identity (e.g. identity card and official proof of address, passport) and the payment of a one-off handling fee.

The handling fee can only be paid at the Customer Service Office. In the event of an impediment, the found item may be collected by a person with written authorisation from the owner. In the case of a minor person, the minor's guardian may collect the minor's documents and other lost property without a power of attorney, provided that proof of the existence of a family relationship is proved.