Information on the cookies used on the website of (the Company) MVK Zrt.

Cookies ("cookies") are short data files placed on the user's computer by the website visited.

The purpose of a cookie is to make the given infocommunication or internet service easier and more convenient.

Cookies are short text files that are sent by the website to the user's computer hard drive and contain information about the user. If the user does not explicitly provide any personal data or information on the website as described in this privacy policy, the data controller will not collect or process any personal data relating to the user in a way that would allow the user to be identified personally.

By visiting the website and by clicking on the "Accept" button, all users consent to the use of cookies by the data controller in connection with the website, which are managed by external service providers for the purpose of recording the data and information described in this policy.

Such data are the data of the user's computer logging in and which are generated during the use of the website and which are stored by the cookies used on the website as an automatic result of technical processes. The automatically recorded data are automatically logged by the system when the user visits or leave the website, without any specific declaration or action on the part of the user. These data are not linked to other personal user data, i.e. the user cannot be identified on the basis of these data. Such data is only accessible by the external service providers that manage the cookies and by the data controller.

The data controller only uses cookies managed by third party service providers (e.g. Google) on the website. If the data subject does not want the collection of the information described above to take place in connection with the use of the website, he or she may disable the use of cookies in whole or in part in the settings of the Internet browser or otherwise modify the settings for cookie messages.

Personally identifiable information about the data subjects is automatically collected by Google Analytics (IP address, date and time of visit, geographical location data, user habits, etc.) for the purpose of website traffic statistics. In doing so, cookies are placed on the visitor's computer.

When the website is viewed, the start and end times of the user's visit are automatically recorded, and in some cases, depending on the user's computer settings, the type of browser and operating system. From this data, the system automatically generates statistical information.

Purpose of data processing: personalised, automatic recording of data about the website visitors' usage patterns using Google Analytics and cookies

Scope of processed data: IP address, duration of stay on the website, geographical location data depending on user habits, computer settings - type of browser and operating system.

Legal basis for data processing: Article 6(1)(e) of the GDPR - processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested in the controller.

Storage period: until the purpose of the data processing has been achieved, but for a maximum of 2 years from the date of recording.

Data storage medium: electronic

Whether a data processor is used: Yes

Details of the data processor:

  • Company name: Miskolc Holding Municipal Asset Management Limited Liability Company
  • Registered office: 3530 Miskolc, Petőfi u. 1-3., Hungary
  • Company registration number: 05-10-000406
  • Tax identification number: 13778749-2-05

For more information, please see

For information on the Company's data, the details of the data protection officer, data security, remedies, compensation and damages, other rights of the data subject and further information on data processing, please refer to the full text of SZB-42 Data Protection and Privacy Policy, in particular Chapters 1 and 7 thereof.

For any issues or circumstances not covered by this policy or by the full text of the SZB-42 Data Protection and Privacy Policy, the provisions of the applicable legislation in force at the given time shall prevail.