With the arrival of spring, when the weather is nice it's time to choose a form of transport that is not only environmentally friendly, but also offers a quick solution for getting around the city centre.

Anyone who buys a combined student or general (full price) or 30-day pass or monthly pass for parents with young children between 1 January and 30 December 2024 through a mobile ticket app (Mobiljegy, Simple, Voxpay apps, etc.) can unlock the TIER electric scooters free of charge for 30 days! TIER electric scooters can be used by anyone over the age of 18 with an app installed on their smart device.

When purchasing the following passes, you must register at this website by entering the transaction ID of the pass. After successful registration, the TIER coupon code will be displayed on the page. You can then use the e-vouchers in the TIER app for 30 days from the date of redemption, without any unlocking fee. It is important to note that the minutes of use of the vehicles are billed in the app.

The promotion is open to the following passes purchased in the mobile ticket apps:

  • student combined 30-day pass,
  • student combined monthly pass,
  • full price combined 30-day pass
  • full price combined monthly pass
  • monthly pass for parents with young children
  • 30-day pass for parents with young children

The transaction ID of the passes can be redeemed until 31 December 2024, which is the last day of the discount coupon validity.

MVK-Tier coupon

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