The following products can be purchased from the vending machines
As per the resolution of the County Borough of Miskolc

Single ticket430 HUF430 HUF 
24-hour pass  1,450 HUF
24-hour group student pass up to 5 students  4,000 HUF
24-hour group student pass up to 10 students  8,000 HUF
Weekend family ticket  3,000 HUF
72-hour pass  3,600 HUF
Tourist pass (for 7 days)  4,900 HUF
24-hour pass for bicycles430 HUF  
60-minute ticket  670 HUF
90-minute ticket  1,100 HUF
General month pass6,400 HUF 9,400 HUF
General month pass for a single line 6,400 HUF 
Month pass for students and OAP’s3,700 HUF 4,950 HUF
Month pass without photo ID  36,000 HUF
Combined monthly pass for parents with young children  4,950 HUF
Dog pass  2,700 HUF
Quarterly pass  28,200 HUF
Semester pass for pupils and students  22,300 HUF

The local passes are valid on bus Line 7, between Búza Square and Keleti Kapu (East Gate)

General month pass12,800 HUF9,000 HUF
Month pass with 90% discount1,280 HUF900 HUF
Month pass for OAP’s8,690 HUF6,100 HUF
Supplementary student pass  4,050 HUF

General information

What are the benefits of using the vending machine?

Most types of tickets and passes can be purchased from the vending machines, and once the vending machines are installed, the number of ticket and pass selling points in the city will multiply. Passengers will be able to buy tickets and passes 24-hours a day with less queuing.

What are vending machines like?

MVK vending machines can be used to issue tickets as well as passes, and are very easy to use. They have a multilingual menu system and a touch screen. The touch screen interface makes them extremely easy to use.

For the visually impaired, it is easy and convenient to use, with the option to set the screen of the vending machine into contrast mode.

Which tickets and season tickets are sold by the machines?

Most ticket and pass types of MVK can be purchased from the vending machines.

Tickets and passes are printed on special paper on the spot each time you buy them from a vending machine. When buying tickets, it is obligatory to provide an ID card number, which will be indicated on the ticket. The personal data provided when purchasing a pass will not be stored, used for any other purpose or disclosed to any third parties.

How to pay?

Payment can only be made by credit card.

Does the device also provide a receipt and an invoice?

Tickets and passes printed from vending machines are considered as receipts in themselves. The vending machine does not issue an invoice, so anyone who needs an invoice for a ticket or pass purchased must contact the Customer Service Office of MVK within 8 days of the purchase.

Where to go if there is a problem?

If you experience any problem, please contact the Customer Service of MVK Zrt. 

Customer Service contact details

General description of the use of the vending machine

The vending machine has 3 panels:

  • a touch screen with a menu system to help you choose the tickets and passes you need for your journey
  • a credit card reader, where you can pay the value of your purchase by credit card
  • a product dispenser tray.

Description of the purchasing process:

  • select the ticket or pass you want to buy,
  • where necessary, set the start of the validity period
  • in the case of a pass, enter the number of the identity card used for the pass
  • check the shopping cart that appears before you pay.


  • you can pay only by a credit card, the steps of the payment process are shown on the display of the card terminal.


  • you can pick up your tickets and passes with a renewed design from the dispenser tray at the end of your purchase
  • at the end of the payment process, check that you have not forgotten anything at the vending machine
When boarding a vehicle, please do not forget to validate your ticket!

Location of Ticket- and pass vending machines

  • At Avas városközpont terminus (next to the ticket office),
  • At Bulgárföld tram stop,
  • At Búza tér terminus (on the side of the ticket office building),
  • At Centrum bus stop, in the hall of the BOKIK building,
  • At Diósgyőr városközpont tram stop,
  • At Diósgyőri Gimnázium tram stop,
  • At Felső-Majláth terminus (on the wall of the Bagolyvár building),
  • At Gyula utca tram stop,
  • At Malomszög utca tram stop,
  • On the ground floor of Miskolc Pláza (in the hallway leading to the cinema),
  • On the ground floor of University of Miskolc at the gateway of buildings A4 and A1 (opposite to the gift shop),
  • At Repülőtér (Airport)/Bosch terminus (on the side of building),
  • At Selyemrét tram stop,
  • At the Tapolca junction near the pedestrian crossing, on the side of McDonald's
  • At Thököly utca tram stop
  • Tiszai pályaudvar (railway station) (next to the ticket office)
  • In front of the Customer Service Office of MVK Zrt.
  • At Újgyőri főtér opposite to the ticket office
  • At Villanyrendőr covered bus stop (2 pcs of vending machines)